“[The story] starts out sounding believable enough; but then it takes an absurd or bizarre turn and ends up involving actor Bill Murray doing something ridiculous.”


About five years ago, I got into a discussion with some friends about Bill Murray — in particular, some stories we had read about him showing up in unexpected places or doing awesome/surprising things.

This was when I found out about an urban legend that had started online of telling unbelievable stories involving the legendary actor. We told a lot of them. It was so much fun that I decided to make a website: BillMurrayStory.com

Soon after I got tired of writing fake stories, a bunch of submissions began to come in from visitors to the site. Many of the stories have seemed true, although I guess I can never know for sure.

Interest has grown over the past few years as the site has been shared around the web and mentioned in some Murray-related news stories (I’ve was even interviewed for a few of them).


In 2012, the site got its own Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In 2013, I moved the site to a new VPS and began using Amazon CloudFront CDN to improve performance.

In 2014, its Facebook page reached 5,000 likes.

To date, I have never actually met the man.